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 Legacy Video

Life Stories / Personal Biographies

Tell your life story for generations to come. Could you imagine a video of your great-grandparents
telling you
what their life was like. How they earned a living. What they remember of their parents.
You have the opportunity right now to make a video that will be a treasured heirloom.
What will you say to your great great-grandchildren?

Starting at just $199.
Let me interview you and create a custom DVD that will be watched for generations.
Long after you and I are gone,  video will tell your story.

Don't have children?
Instead of being just a name on the family tree.
Become the aunt or uncle who will be remembered for capturing the family stories.
What will you create for your family's future generations?

Makes a great gift too !

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 Live Web-cast
Live web cast your event over the Internet.*
From corporate events and seminars to church weddings and memorial services. 
Many times people wish they could attend a service or ceremony but are unable to travel.
Have people view your event from anywhere. Public view or password protection.
Also Recorded online** for On-Demand viewing
*Available at limited locations
**Online recording in limited video quality

 Camera & Operator

Do you have a project? Need an extra camera
or just want someone to film you in your star production?
Public or private video productions.

Call or email me to discuss your video project.
727 319 3741

 Legal Videos

Video Wills

There is no mistake when your wishes are conveyed through video
along with your written documents.